Kaohsiung Lion Dance

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Emperor Qianlong’s reign in the Qing dynasty, Guangji Temple was the center
of belief forneighboring villages, and the villagersformed the
Song-JiangBattle Array for the Temple’s fair and festival.A dancing lion
always performsa dance before the Song-Jiang Formation sets off. Given that
the lion dance art and imposing power of the Song-Jiang Formations from the
villages of the Qianzhenarea always outmatch those from other areas, it has
eventually won the fame of “the Best Lion Dance”.As entertainmentduring the
spare time of busy farm work, farmers used to use the bamboo dustpan as the
lion’s head whenperforming the lion dance, forming a unique lion dance

In 1935, the “Si Shi Jia ” (Lion Dance Festival) was officially
named after the former name of theShijia region (now combined under the
Qianzhen District) . Centering on Guangji Temple, Qianzhen District has been
driving the “One SpecialtyPer District” campaign in accordance with the City
Government’s policy. The 2004 and 2005 “Lion Dance Championship” was hosted
by Guangji Temple.
Kaohsiung International Swimmi   No.1, Ln. 94, Zhongzheng 1st Rd.Kaohsiung City Lingya District
Kaohsiung Arena   No.757, Bo’ai 2nd Rd.Kaohsiung City Zuoying District
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Kaoshiung City Government
Kaohsiung International Swimming Pool
By Bus: 
1. Kaohsiung City Bus: Take 248 or Wu-Fu Line bus and alight at the Martial Arts Stadium Station. Walk eastwarduntilyou reach the side of the highway, and then turn north for approximately 120m to reach the International Swimming Pool. 
2. Kaohsiung Bus: Take 88, 101, 115, 116, 117, 150 or 151 and alight at Zhongzhen Elementary School stop. Walk eastwarduntil you reach the side of the highway, and then turn south for approximately 300mto reach the International Swimming Pool.
3.From THSRZuoying Station: No direct bus. Please take the Kaohsiung Metro.
4. From Kaohsiung Train Station: Take Kaohsiung City Bus 248 and alight at the Martial Arts Stadium stop. Or take Kaohsiung Bus 88 and alight at the Zhongzhen Elementary School stop.
5.From Kaohsiung International Airport: No direct bus route. Please take the Kaohsiung Metro. 
By Kaohsiung Metro:
1. Take Kaohsiung Metro Orange Line to the Martial Arts Stadium Station (O9),exit from Exit 4, walk eastward until you reach the side of the highway, and then turn north for approximately 120m to reach the International Swimming Pool. 
2.From THSRZuoying Station, Kaohsiung Train Station or Kaohsiung International Airport: Take Kaohsiung Metro Red Line and then transfer to Kaohsiung Metro Orange Line.
3. Passengersfrom Kaohsiung Metro Red Line may transfer to the Orange Line at the  Formosa Boulevard Station (R10/O5).
Others: By car or motorcycle

Kaohsiung Arena
Kaohsiung Metro
1. Take Kaohsiung Metro Red Line to Kaohsiung Arena Station (R14),exit from Exit 5, and walk northward along Bo’ai Road for approximately 100m to reach the Arena.
2. Take Kaohsiung Metro Red Line from THSRZuoying Station, Kaohsiung Main (Train) Station, or Kaohsiung International Airport.
3. Passengers from Kaohsiung Metro Orange Line may transfer to the Red Line at the Formosa Boulevard Station (R10/O5).
Kaohsiung Lion Dance
Kaohsiung Lion Dance
Kaohsiung Lion Dance
Kaohsiung Lion Dance
Kaohsiung Lion Dance
Kaohsiung Lion Dance
Kaohsiung Lion Dance
Kaohsiung Lion Dance
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