Tern-Watching Tour, Matsu

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plentiful marine products of the Matsu Islands not only attract aficionados
from all around, but also the sea birds that soar in the sky overhead as they
search for the small fish, like anchovies and herring, that constitute their
primary diet. Each year these graceful guests fly in and nest on the
uninhabited reefs of Matsu. As a result, in May 2000 the Matsu Islands Tern
Refuge was established. The refuge comprises Shuangzi Reef in Dongyin
Township, the Sanlian Islets, Zhongdao, Tiejian, Baimiao, and Jinyu in Beigan
Township, the Liuquan Reef in Nangan Township, and Sheshan in Juguang
Township. The protected birds include the Bridled Tern, the Black-napped
Tern, the Roseate Tern, the Crested Tern, the Black-tailed Tern, the Reef
Egret, and the Fork-tailed Swift.

The best time for tern-watching in Matsu is
from June to September. Whether it’s taking the bird-watching boat and
admiring the scenery of Matsu and the islands as they soar up in the air or
taking a leisurely walk along the harbor and underground tunnels to enjoy
watching the terns from a unique vantage point, both are wonderful excursions
not to be missed while visiting Matsu in the summer. In addition to the
bird-watching excursions, you can also enjoy Beigan’s Mt. Da’ao, Qinbi Village,
and a magnificent coast from the water, and along the way get a great view of
Matsu’s unique local landscape and the military fortifications that date from
an earlier time. A series of activities allow visitors to savor the unique
military culture of Matsu and at the same time combine a trip rich in
ecological education with total relaxation where they can experience
firsthand the beauty of the place, enjoy the local culture, the unique
“battleground” environment, and the rich ecology.
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Matsu National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC
Tern-Watching Tour
Tern-Watching Tour
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